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Our jewelry expert has extensive knowledge of all of the materials that we work with at The Golden Bear and can answer specific questions that may arise during your shopping experience. We strive to respond to all inquiries within a 24-hour time frame. If you find that you need further information or assistance about a particular piece of jewelry, please e-mail your questions to our jewelry expert at


About our Signature Bears

Our Golden Bears are made by using the ancient process of lost-wax casting. A wax Bear model is made and covered with a plaster mold. The wax is then melted and the mold is filled with molten metal.  The mold is later removed and we are left with a metal Bear casting. Voila! A Golden Bear is born!

About our Forged Gold Jewelry

Our collars, cuffs and hoops are created by skilled metalsmiths who turn thin sheets of gold into magnificent pieces of textured jewelry. An anvil, or heavy block of iron or steel with a smooth flat top, is used to shape and hammer our cuffs and collars. Even the little Golden Bear that adorns the back of each piece is cast and polished by hand. Measurements may vary slightly since pieces are handmade.

About our Sterling Silver Jewelry

To create a silver alloy strong enough to work with, a small percentage of copper was added to fine silver to create what is now known as sterling silver. Today, sterling silver is most commonly used for making jewelry, flatware and holloware.

Our skilled metalsmiths hand-forge or hammer our silver cuffs and hoops to create the textured look of silver metal. Literally hundreds of blows with the hammer are needed to create the desired effect and texture of each piece.

Our silver Bear pendants are hand-cast using the ancient process of lost-wax casting. During this process, a wax mold is used to shape molten silver metal into our classic Bear design. Once polished and shined, we are left with the smooth, sleek finish of our charming silver Bears.

About our Two-Tone Jewelry

Sterling Silver and 14k Gold are combined to create the casually elegant look of our Mixed Metal or Two-Tone pieces of jewelry.  Each 14k gold Bear is hand-cast and then carefully soldered onto hand-worked pieces of sterling silver jewelry. The perfect combination.

About our Pavé Diamonds

This diamond-setting process requires patience and delicate workmanship. Tiny holes are expertly shaped by hand to hold diamonds, which are safely held in place by the surrounding gold. Exposed gold surfaces are then textured into a beaded finish and edges are polished to shiny ribbons of gold. Dazzling!

Our pavé Golden Bears and squares are set with full-cut, .015-carat round Melee diamonds graded GH in color and VS in clarity. All carat weights are approximate.

A lot of time and care is put into the making of our pavé; pieces. On average, it takes about a day for one of our skilled diamond setters to make one Pavé Mama Bear necklace.

About our Eternity Jewelry

Diamonds have been added to the top and sides of this Bear, making it more curvy and voluptuous. Each Bear is hand-cast in 18k yellow or white gold and is set with 45 Melee diamonds, measuring .015 carat each and graded GH in color and VS in clarity. Only 2000 pendants will be made. A must-see: The new Mama Eternity Bear Pendant, radiant with 93 hand-set diamonds!

How to Wear the Bear

It is tradition to wear your Golden Bear pendant facing your heart as a symbol of your connection to the Vail Valley and the memories created here. Golden Bear earrings are intended to be worn with the Bear's nose facing your cheek. While we encourage you to wear your jewelry in the manner most comfortable for you, be prepared for a gentle reminder if you are seen wearing the Bear another way in Vail! As for our bracelets and rings, it comes down to sheer preference.

Ring Sizing Information

Ring sizes vary according to style but generally run between sizes 4-10.  If you are unsure of your ring size, please contact us at with your mailing address.  We are happy to send you a ring-sizing chart. Custom sizes are available; please allow 4 to 6 weeks for a custom ring delivery.

Custom Design Information

All custom jewelry requests will be reviewed by our studio manager for approval. Only pieces that we feel represent The Golden Bear accurately will be approved. Please allow 1-2 weeks for approval. If your piece is approved, an estimate will be given at that time. Prices will vary depending on the materials and time needed to create the desired piece. Please e-mail your custom jewelry requests to